There's something for everyone with the NSEA

Whether you are just starting out on your competition journey in equestrian sport, want to compete for fun in teams / individually, or you are aiming to be standing on the Olympic podium in a few years time, with a medal around your neck, the NSEA has something for you.
We offer competitions across a range of disciplines that will challenge your abilities as you gain in experience and confidence.

Becoming an experienced horse man or women relies on an ability to gain a depth of knowledge in different areas of equestrian sport. Most of the most famous show jumpers, eventers, jockeys and dressage riders in our country learnt their craft in different disciplines and the NSEA encourage our members to do the same.

Whilst competing as part of a team, riders learn to communicate, compromise, be supportive of each other enjoy the successes that can be created from trust and a belief in each other.

Representing your school in equestrian sport is as significant as being part of the rugby, netball or hockey squad and you can compete at grass roots, county, regional and national level through the NSEA.

Click on the disciplines below to see what is on offer.

Competitions for every discipline

There's something for everyone, whatever the discipline, from beginners up.

The children stood up in assembly and were wished good luck for the Grass Roots Regional Final
Supporting Team Teacher
The girls on the front desk we so helpful and friendly
County Championships
The children have had a wonderful time. So fun & friendly.
Delighted Mother
We all appreciate how much work it takes to organise such a huge event so competently. You must all be absolutely shattered!
National Championships Team Parent
What a wonderful, friendly, fun competition- we will be back
County Championship Testimonials