Conditions of NSEA Membership

  • Subscriptions from 1st September to 31st August of the following year inclusive.
  • Membership fees include the cost of annual membership, insurance cover, team manager and members badges. If badges are lost during the current membership year, replacement badges are available at a cost of £6 each.
  • All riders must be registered with the NSEA before they compete for their school. Spot checks will be carried out at events throughout the year.  Any school found to be running unaffiliated riders will be eliminated from the competition and any championship qualifications will be forfeited.
  • Once a rider has been named as a member of the riding squad and a membership number has been given, they cannot be swapped for another, within the same academic year.
  • You agree to the NSEA’s storage of your Member School, Team Manager and Team Assistant(s) and individual Riders’ information for the purposes of administering the services offered by the NSEA.
  • For further information visit the NSEA Rules page to download the NSEA General Rules.