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In order to take part in NSEA competitions, a school needs to affiliate its riding squad to the NSEA. The school riding squad is made up of girls and boys of all ages and equestrian competitions are one of the few activities in which riders compete as equals, regardless of their age, sex or the size of their horse. A school may affiliate one rider, who can compete as an individual and then add others later in the year if necessary. Riders must be affiliated before they compete.

The NSEA runs a variety of qualifiers to suit all levels including:
Grass Roots Qualifiers leading to Grass Roots Regional Finals
Regional Points Leagues for teamsĀ  (points are gained throughout the year and the top 3 schools qualify for the RPL Championship)
County Dressage and Show Jumping Qualifiers for the National County Championships (April)
NSEA British Eventing Points Leagues for individuals.
NSEA One Day Events Qualifiers for teams and individuals (Championships in September)
Points are awarded at all team competitions (except championships) for the Regional Points Leagues

In addition, there are qualifiers situated at venues throughout the country for the following competitions:
Windsor Intermediate team SJ Championships @ The Royal Windsor Horse Show (May)
NSEA Eventers’ Challenge Championships @ Hickstead (May)
Hickstead Elite Show Jumping Team & Individual Championships @Hickstead (August)
NSEA Eventing Championships (September)
NSEA National Dressage, Show Jumping & Arena Eventing Championships @ Addington (October)
NSEA Championship Plate (November)
NSEA Grass Roots Regional Championships.(local regions in November / December)

NSEA Membership benefiting teams, schools and individual riders for almost thirty years


Learning to work as a team to achieve a common goal. Perfect training for later in life.

Communication skills

Learning these essential skills will benefit both the horse and team mates.


Learning to work in harmony with your peers to get the best results


Learning the benefits of hard work and determination keep you going through the highs and lows of the sport.

Self confidence

Success can boost self belief and confidence in all walks of life.

Sense of achievement

When hard work pays off, there is no better feeling.

Conquering your nerves

Challenging yourself to strive for more. A great lesson for life.

Creating a partnership

Learning to work in partnership with your horse through trust and practice will bring great rewards.

Hard work pays off

There can be no greater lesson in life. Everyone can achieve something if they try hard for long enough.

The children have had a wonderful time. So fun & friendly.
Delighted Mother
Our students have suddenly started to put so much more back into the heart of the school
Headmistress, Secondary School, London
Fantastic! We will be back next year!
National Championships Team Manager
Please pass on my thanks to all involved for the NSEA Champs at Addington...a very well run and friendly event. The atmosphere was terrific'
We all appreciate how much work it takes to organise such a huge event so competently. You must all be absolutely shattered!
National Championships Team Parent

Learn more about NSEA Membership

Affiliations run from the start of the academic year in September through to the end of August in the following year.

  • You can affiliate a single rider and then add others later.
  • Riders can compete as individuals. You do not have to compete in a team.
  • The school is given an affiliation number which is required prior to entering NSEA competitions.
  • Member schools benefit from the NSEA insurance cover