Competition FAQs

  • What is the 30cm rule?

    Any combination of horse and rider cannot compete in a jumping class at an NSEA competition, except hors concors, where the height is 30cm lower than that at which they have previously competed, (1st round height) in any competition (not just NSEA competitions). This restriction does not apply to Open or Advanced Open classes. Therefore, Horse/Rider combinations jumping 1.30m or over may compete in NSEA Open or Advanced Open classes.

  • How many heights can a horse/ rider combination compete at at any one event?

    3 in total

    2 heights as a team member and a third height as an individual


    1 height as a team member and 2 heights as an individual


    3 heights as an individual.

  • Can a team rider ride twice in a team on two different ponies?

    Yes in two different teams, but they may not ride twice in the same team.

  • What is Eventers Challenge?

    Show jumping & arena XC fences with an optimum time & no style marks. You need to jump clear with no time faults to win! These competitions take place in two types of arenas
    a) Long course. Very large arenas with a range of XC obstacles including water complexes, steps, banks, ditches.
    b) Short course. Average size arenas with simulated XC fences.
    Eventers Challenge is less technical than JWS and coursebuilders may challenge you with ‘inside’ & ‘outside’ lines on turns to make riders think (and not go too fast) The time should be a fair pace (but not a flat out gallop) The optimum time is between 325-375 m/m and will be set according to the shape of the arena.

  • What is Jumping with Style?

    (JwS), also known as Arena Eventing.

    Arena Eventing (‘Jumping with Style’) is the culmination of four marks- SJ penalties, XC penalties, time penalties and a style penalty mark. It is a more technical style of competition than Eventers Challenge and is popular with eventers and show jumpers. The winner is the rider with the fewest penalties overall, so like eventing, you do not necessarily need to jump a clear round.
    Course builders will challenge riders to react instinctively and test their ability to ride a technical line with a good rhythm and flow whilst maintaining an effective position and working in harmony with their horse.

  • Why do you not have more Regional qualifiers closer to us?

    The number of qualifiers is capped in order to accommodate everyone at the championships with sufficient light to jump.

  • How many teams and individuals qualify at National Championships qualifiers?

    2 teams & 2 individuals

  • How many teams and individuals qualify at County qualifiers?

    1 team and 1 individual

  • Can older children compete in Grassroots competitions?

    Yes- up to U19yrs providing they do not breach the 30cm rule.

  • What is single phase?

    One round of show jumping made up of the initial phase (with a maximum time) and the jump off phase (timed). If you have faults in the initial phase you still continue into the jump off (unless you are eliminated).

  • Can I compete in NSEA competitions as an individual?


  • Who can be a Team Manger?

    A member of staff, riding coach or parent, providing the school gives permission.

  • Do I need a member of staff to attend competitions?

    No, providing a parent / coach has been given the role of Team Manager / Assistant Team Manager.

  • Can home schooled riders join a group?

    Yes, if they are home schooled together. No, if not.

  • Can I compete if I am home tutored/ home schooled?


  • How can I qualify to compete at the National County Championships?

    The winning team & individual from the county qualifier will represent their county at the National County Championships (at Bury Farm).  There is only one county qualifier per year that a school may attempt to qualify at.

  • How can I compete at the National Schools Championships?

    The top 2 teams & 2 individuals at any regional qualifier will qualify to compete at the Championships (at Addington).  Schools may travel to any CHQ in the country in an attempt to qualify.

  • How many National Championships are there?

    The NSEA runs the following Championships:

    Tha NSEA National Championships 2017 ( this will be our 21st annual NSEA National Championship).

    Dressage, Show Jumping & Arena Eventing JwS October. Go to CHAMPS pages.  This is our flagship event held over four days and is one of the largest equestrian events in the country with up to 1000 competitors over the four day period.

    County Championships (Dressage & Show Jumping) April.

    Go to COMPETITION pages and see County Champs in the menu.
    The best team & individual at each county qualifier get to represent their school & county at the national finals at Bury Farm.

    Eventers Challenge Championships.

    Go to Competition pages
    Schools qualify to compete at the Eventers Challenge Championships at Hickstead in May.

    Grass Roots Regional Championships.

    Go to Competition pages.
    Grass Roots riders qualify to compete at regional finals.

  • What is the difference between Eventers Challenge and Arena Eventing?

    Also known as Jumping with Style

    There is no style mark in Eventers Challenge and you have to jump clear to win.

    Arena Eventing (JwS) is the culmination of four marks- SJ penalties, XC penalties, time penalties and a style penalty mark. The winner is the rider with the fewest penalties overall.

  • If I qualify as an individual for a championship and my horse is injured, can I ride another?

    No, sorry. It must be the horse / rider combination that qualified.  This applies to County, Nationals, Eventers Challenge and Plate competitions.

  • How many points leagues are there?

    Three. Go to Competition Pages.
    Regional Points Leagues- every competition within a region (excluding Championships)
    Eventing points Leagues (NSEA/BE series for individuals & NSEA Team Challenge for teams)

The children have had a wonderful time. So fun & friendly.
Delighted Mother
The girls on the front desk we so helpful and friendly
County Championships
Thanks for running these amazing events and giving riders the chance to compete at such prestigious venues. The standard is a credit to the organisation and hard work of the people behind the NSEA.
Team Manager, Lady Manners School
Our students have suddenly started to put so much more back into the heart of the school
Headmistress, Secondary School, London
My daughter slept in the rug she won last night!
National Championships Team Parent