About SJ CHQ & GRQ @ Rectory Farm SUNDAY

Codes: RPL, GR, NCHQ, Q
Rules: NSEA, BS

SJ Qualifiers 70cm-1.10 for the NSEA National Championships in October at Addington Manor plus Grass Roots Qualifiers

NSEA Team Managers- Coronavirus Protocols
Please ask parents of every rider to undergo the following brief health check prior to leaving home in order to help us to minimise the spread of Coronavirus. Help us to protect the sport we love.
1. Make sure that all competitors and their families are not breaching lockdown quarantine measures. If anyone within the household of a rider who is competing shows any symptoms of coronavirus, please stay home.
2 The attending parent needs to undertake a brief health check on the morning of the competition.
– Take the temperature of everyone planning to attend the competition
– Has anyone suffered from a persistent cough, loss of taste or smell or have a fever / temperature?
– If anyone has a temperature over 37.8, the household should seek advice and must not attend the competition.
3 Make sure that you have allocated an adult in charge of your squad social distancing, who familiarises themselves with one way systems & protocols at the venue. They will need to keep reminding everyone as it is easy to forget both on and off the horse. It is important that we keep everyone in small groups or ‘bubbles’ and KEEP YOUR DISTANCE, so please follow show centre instructions.
4 Don’t forget your hand sanitiser (use it on arrival at the venue) & PPE. Venues are providing hand sanitiser, but if there are shortages, they could run out. Teams need to be prepared, if this happens. There will also be hot water, soap & hand towels available in bathrooms.
5 If anyone becomes unwell at the event, isolate them & the party they travelled with away from the rest of the riders and seek medical help. Paramedics are in attendance at NSEA events.
6 Limit numbers of personnel. No spectators at events. One parent per competitor where possible.
7 Please do not stay longer than necessary at the competition. ARRIVE, COMPETE, LEAVE, in order to minimise numbers on site at any time. All results will be available online.
8 Social Media. Some parts of the press have questioned the relevance of equestrian sport during this time of coronavirus. Be careful what your squad- parents and riders, post on social media in order to help us to protect our sport.
ARRIVE, COMPETE, LEAVE, in order to minimise numbers on site at any time. Keep your distance and help us to protect the sport we love.

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