We're thrilled you've decided to join the NSEA family.

Before you get started please take some time to read our ‘How to setup your team‘ page and confirm you’re prepared with all the necessary information by looking over our Pre-application Checklist

Pre-application Checklist
  • You have your school's name and address
  • You have permission from your school's head teacher
  • You have your head teacher's name and email address
  • You have at least one confirmed rider who wants to ride in NSEA competitions.
  • You have sought and received data collection consent from each rider's parent(s).
  • You know the rider name, date of birth and horse's competition name of each rider you wish to add.
  • You are going to be your school's Team Manager (you can assign Assistants to help you once your account is active).

If you're happy you've got all the above covered then please proceed to the application form below.