In light of the recent Equine Herpes EHV1 outbreak in the UK, it is essential that all horse owners remain vigilant for any changes in the health of their horse/ pony, in order to help to minimise the spread of the virus. It has already claimed the lives of 17 horses in mainland Europe. See the BEF website for further information

From March 29th – April 12th competition venues will ask all competitor to health check their horse and complete a self-certification form, declaring that their horse is fit to compete. This is sent to the show secretary on the evening before the event. Competitors will not be allowed to attend without it.

The Health Check needs to include the following:
temperature- less than 38.5 degrees
no recent cough of unknown cause
no nasal discharge of unknown cause
no enlarged lymph nodes
no signs of neurological changes of unknown cause
no diarrrhoea
Horse owners should be familiar with their horses’ daily routines and persona and should seek veterinary advice if they have concerns.