We need your help!

There are currently very few government protocols regarding equestrian events. However, the NSEA are calling on all Riders, Parents & Team Managers to adopt a sensible approach at all NSEA competitions, in order to minimise the spread of covid. We are all keen to keep schools open this winter.

Therefore we recommend the following:
Health check- does anyone around you show any covid symptoms, even if very minor? If in doubt, take a PCR test
Keep a distance! Try to spread out in order to avoid close contact.
Have a face mask with you- we recommend the use of facemasks in cafe queues, loos and indoor spaces where groups congregate. At larger events, you may be asked to wear a facemask on a course walk.
Use hand sanitiser regularly- events will try to provide some, but please also bring your own and use at contact points (door handles etc)

We are all working hard and have a responsibility to ourselves & each other. We want to compete and have fun!