Due to the impact of the coronavirus, we have re-arranged NSEA Championships in order to incorporate the County Dressage & Show Jumping that was due to be held in April and to help us reduce numbers in order to reduce numbers on site at any time.

Following the feasibility study, Team Managers requested a north / south split to reduce travelling & the need to stay overnight. Therefore we are including a Championships for the North & Scotland in a venue closer to home. Details will follow shortly.

Provisionally, we are planning the following (subject to any government changes / updates)

Middle & South of England – NSEA National Championships Festival @ Addington EC 15-18th October
National Show Jumping Championships
County Show Jumping Championships for mid & southern England
RPL Show Jumping Championships for mid & southern England & Wales
Combined Training Championships

North of England NSEA Championships Festival, October @ Alnwick Ford. 17 & 18th October
North of England Show Jumping Championships
North of England  Arena Eventing Championships (JwS)
County Show Jumping Challenge / RPL Points League Challenge for the North of England

Middle & South of England NSEA Championships Festival Keysoe EC 14 & 15th November.
National Arena Eventing Championships (JwS)
National Dressage Championships
County Dressage Championships
Pop Up Dressage Winter & Spring Series Championships