Press Release
The NSEA has teamed up with The Horse Care Club at Equine Distance Learning to offer members the opportunity to learn how to look after your pony and kit in a fun way. Equine Distance Learning want to provide a continued source of fun and learning for primary aged children through the Horse Care Club! It is a bit like an online magazine, this is a subscription based club that is only £5 per month! You may cancel at any time and there is no commitment past the first month that you give it a try.
NSEA members receive extra topics as part of their subscription, including show preparation etc. Just enter your NSEA school number when applying.

So what is included in the club?
1. A new ‘mini course’ every month on a different topic. Your child will be able to download an achievement chart like the one below and they can tick off each topic as they complete it. After completing three months, your child will receive an achievement badge, and there will also be merchandise for sale such as t-shirts and hoodies, that the badges can then be sewn onto.

2.Follow ‘Joey the Pony’ and his adventures!

3. Learn a ‘Top riding tip’ each month with the help of Joey and Henry.

4. Complete fun activities and pony related craft.

5. Complete quizzes and competitions- can you become ‘Member of the Month?’

Here is the link to the You Tube Video which I think summarises the club well