15th May

On Monday, the Government provided us with a 50 page document, explaining the measures that have been put in place to enable us to take the first tentative steps out of lockdown.

The NSEA is following government and governing body guidelines- we recommend that you go to the BEF website for full details.

The NSEA has produced a three phase plane to suggest a way forward at the current time. Please note that if the message from the Government changes (if the R rate increases to over 1) the government may decide to re-introduce lock down.


Phase A. Initial fitness work

From Wednesday 13th May,  riders are able to exercise their horses, providing social distancing criteria are met. Therefore, this will be individually or within family groups. Riders are now able to have a lesson with a coach, under the same guidelines, but group lessons are restricted to co-habiting persons only.

Make sure that your horse / pony has had a few weeks of exercise before undertaking more strenuous activities, as they have been on lock down too!

Remember that it is important not to take un-necessary risks and avoid activities which may over-burden the NHS


Phase B  Increased training activity

These activities are designed for Phase C, the competition phase.
This can including pole work and jumping
Pop Up dressage competitions
Schooling / training away from home (activities within 1 day)


Phase C – Competitions. Dates & protocols tbc

Until Government restrictions are eased, we are unable to confirm dates regarding the commencement of forthcoming qualifiers and championships. We are on a rolling timetable and the NSEA will give you plenty of notice before any competition dates are finalised via your Team Managers as well as on the website and Facebook. NSEA competitions will not start before mid-June at the very earliest.

Be prepared- think about organising yourself with hand sanitiser gel, gloves and wipes. You may also be asked to wear a face whilst walking a course (although not whilst you are jumping it!)

Competition centres are currently planning the logistics for running events under the new social distancing & safety guidelines.

In the meantime, we have some Pop Up dressage competitions for you to take part in at home – see Competition Dates on the NSEA website for details and we will continue to arrange some fun events for our members (dog agility etc) via our Facebook page.

We hope to see you back in action soon!

Stay safe,

The NSEA Team