NSEA Competitions - What to Wear

Please note, the following dresscodes are guidelines only. We encourage members to look well turned out, without going to great expense to do so. (Clean boots, tidy hair etc costs nothing but time !)
It is the responsibility of the Team Manager to ensure that their riders are dressed correctly, according to the rules (B.E/ BSJA, etc) and safely (e.g.correct hat, no jewellery, tidy hair etc).
Also to ensure that the horses are equally well turned out- well groomed, plaited & tack cleaned.
Make your school proud!

Show Jumping

Local level – Hacking jackets or School blazer/Sweatshirts (longsleeved), Beige breeches/ jodhpurs, Gloves, Hair to be in a hairnet or plaited-no loose pony tails.
Regional– Hacking / Black/ Navy Jacket / School blazer
National– Black / Navy Jacket or School blazer


Hacking jacket, shirt and tie /stock, Beige breeches/ jodhpurs, Boots –either long boots or short boots with leather gaiters (black), Gloves – beige,Hairnet for girls
Regional -Hacking or navy jacket
Championships– Navy / Black Jacket (preferred but not essential), White stock

Hunter Trials/ Cross Country / Eventers Challenge

XC shirt or sweatshirt ( no hoods) long sleeved. These can be schoolsweatshirts or games shirts (ie rugby or hockey tops)
Approved Body Protector,
Approved XC Skull Cap,
Beige breeches/ jodhpurs, Boots – either long or short with leather chaps(black or dark brown),
Hairnets. Note – hair must be tied up above collar length

Arena Eventing (Jumping with Style)

(see hunter trials)


See Dressage, Show Jumping & Cross Country phases.

For your horse....

Saddle Cloth – use a square white saddle cloth & get your school to embroider their name/ crest on to it.