Grass Roots Series

The Grass Roots series is designed to give less experienced riders a taste of competition with some help and support. It is not designed to cater for horse/rider combinations who are already competing in NSEA County and NSEA National Championship qualifiers.
Combinations may be assisted at 40cm & 50cm. Pot hunting is actively discouraged!

Grass Roots classes for teams & individuals include:
cross pole clear round
40cm jumping (may be assisted and or led) Team & Individual
50cm jumping (may be assisted - not led) Team & Individual
60cm jumping Team & Individual (no assistance)
An 'introductory' 70cm individual class may also be included for teams and individuals (may not be assisted) This will be a more simple course designed an a lead into RPL & county competitions.

Any team or individual placed in the top 6 at a Grass Roots qualifying competition may compete in any of the Grass Roots regional finals 2017
We shall also be including Grass Roots competitions in the Regional Points Leagues for teams in 2017.

Grass Roots Regional Finals 2017

Date Region Venue
18 Nov Central Bury Farm Show Jumping
26th Nov South East Sands Farm, Horsham Show Jumping
26 Nov North Epworth Show Jumping
3rd Dec West Kings, Bromyard Dressage
10th Dec West Kings, Bromyard Show Jumping
6th Jan East Anglia Easton & Otley Show Jumping