Nations Cup 2017

NSEA Nations Cup 2017
Dressage & Show Jumping

The NSEA Nations Cup is a new competition for the 2016 Championships. Pre-qualification only.
Wales & Scotland squads qualified regionally 
England squad qualified from results gained at the County Champs. Dressage - Winning team and the top 2 individuals.
Show Jumping - Winning team plus the top two individuals at 70cm, 80cm, 90cm & 1m.

2017 Qualifiers
England- National County Championships
Wales Show Jumping 18th June @ Kings, Bromyard.  Dressage 16th September @ Kings Bromyard.
Scotland Dressage & Show Jumping @ ISEC in September.

Riders will represent their country in the NSEA Nations Cup (note:In 2017 there will be regional qualifiers for each Nations Cup Squad)
Riders may only ride once per height in SJ and it is recommended that they compete in a maximum of two teams. However, nations with few riders may bring in riders from other countries providing they have qualfied or may ride an extra time themselves on another horse.
Dressage riders may only ride once per level, so could potentially ride in the prelim & novice tests, if selected.

Each SJ squad will have 6 riders. The best 4 scores will count for the final result for both dressage and show jumping. Points will be awarded in each class to each nation.
Dressage squads will have 8 riders, 6 x prelim & 2 x novice for 2017
1st = 3 points, 2nd = 2 points & 3rd = 1 point. The winning nation will be the squad with the most points at the end of the competition.
Prizes will be awarded in each class and a trophy will be awarded to the winning nation.

Show Jumping- single phase competition
Dressage- all riders to ride Prelim 19 test

Team managers need to declare the availability of their riders by 11th October, after which the qualification will be passed down.

Dressage England Scotland Wales Ireland
Team Akeley Wood
Prelim A Coombes
Novice G Wellings

Note; You can only compete in a team once. Therefore if you are qualify in a team and are also 1st or 2nd individually, the individual qualification will pass down to 3rd place.

SJ England Scotland Wales Ireland
70 Hazelgrove
G Tye, M Day
80 Royal Hospital
T Beattie, D Ormston
90 Brentwood,
I Hall, L Aird
1m Brine Leas,
L Aird, L Balls
1.10 G Wallace, K Thomas, J Gutsall 
L Bremner, M Faulkner, R Wood